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The Secret to Perfect Waves: How to Use Mousse for Wavy Hair?

by Curl Up Team |

If you’re a fellow Wavie – Hello! If not, Hello, anyway and welcome to Curl Up’s world of #CurlPride where we embrace, honour and flaunt natural hair in all its glory, be it straight, wavy, curly or anywhere in between!

How do you know if your hair is wavy?

Here are a few tell-tale signs of wavy hair and how to recognise it. 

Wave Patterned: On your next wash day, post shampooing and conditioning, skip the stylers and let your hair air-dry on its own. If it dries and forms waves or an ‘S’ shape at the ends or along the lengths with a slight loose curl pattern, your hair is considered to be wavy or of ‘Type 2’.

Medium Porosity: Most wavy hair types have medium porosity, meaning that it will be able to absorb and retain moisture well. This can be beneficial in terms of hair care and maintenance as the hair is more receptive to moisture and nourishing products.

Frizz around the corner: Wavy hair tends to have one major bane – being more prone to frizz. Humidity is a major woe and since wavy hair is more receptive to absorbing moisture, the hair shaft expands in moist conditions, thereby causing frizz. 

Now that you’ve determined that your hair is wavy, we’re going to let you in on a secret, to tame frizz, lock in moisture, add definition and an irresistible shine to wavy hair. Our not-so-little secret is actually a product that can transform your wave game and it’s nothing other than mousse! 

What’s the fuss about Mousse?

Mousse can be just as good as its dessert counterpart, but for your hair. It is a specially formulated foam-based product packed with nourishing ingredients that add volume, moisture and form a gentle cast without weighing down your delicate waves. Mousse works well on finer curls and waves, and is lightweight, which does the job without feeling too heavy on your hair. 

How to use Mousse for Wavy Hair?

  • Post shampooing and conditioning, simply pump a dollop of this super styler and work into your waves. Style using the scrunching method and allow it to dry completely. Once your hair dries, beachy, lustrous waves are all yours. 
  • If you feel like you have type 2B or 2C waves (waves more inclined towards the curly end of the spectrum), you can always use a curl cream first and then finish your styling with mousse. This acts as an added ‘moisture layer’ to further condition and strengthen hair. 
  • Another great characteristic of mousse is that it carries the benefits of multiple styling products in one. For a quick on-the-go hack, simply style wet waves with just mousse for a one and done solution!
  • Mousse is great for waves and softer curls as it adds definition without weighing light curls and waves down.
  • Experiment with mousse and different styling techniques such as scrunching, plopping, and even diffusing for wave patterns that will wow your hair and day!
  • Mousse is also a great product on refresh days, especially for Wavies. If you’re new to the term refreshing – it is simply the process of rejuvenating and enlivening your curls between wash days. It involves spraying your curls with water until sufficiently wet and directly styling with a product such as leave-in cream or mousse. Mousse works great on refresh days as it feels lighter than traditional curl creams and adds a refreshing touch to Day 2 or 3 hair. 
  • Once the mousse is completely dry, you can scrunch out the slight cast to reveal softer waves. This will retain volume and add a visible bounce to wavy hair. 
  • Striving for well-defined waves but baffled by all the steps of the CG-method? Mousse can be a lazy Wavie or Curlie’s BFF – Simply style wet and clean hair with mousse for shine, definition, and bouncy all-day waves. 
  • Mousse is a great replacement for traditional and harsh hairsprays. Mousse adds much-needed definition and keeps waves lasting long and strong. 
  • If your waves lack definition, try finger coiling after mousse application for more prominent and structured waves. 
  • Remember to section and apply mousse across your hair rather than trying to spread the same dollop onto your entire hair-scape. Simply divide into four or more parts, apply product evenly and scrunch or style in a uniform manner for voluminous and defined waves that last days!
  • Another great benefit of mousse is that it works well on both wet and dry hair. While it is advisable to only style on wet hair for Curlies and Wavies, mousse works better than thicker curl creams on drier hair and can transform even partial to fully dried hair into luscious waves. 

There you go, Wavies! We hope this blog has you reaching for your new BFF – Mousse! Explore Curl Up’s range of specially formulated, CG-friendly, hair-loving products, including our all-new Curl Enhancing Mousse that works wonderfully well on wavy hair too.  Flaunt your waves and come be a part of our amazing Curl and Wave Community at, +91 9945373597 or @letscurlupdotcom on Instagram! Here’s to a wavy good day ahead!

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