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How to Revive Your Hair Using A Bond Repairing Hair Mask?

by Curl Up Team |

Hello and welcome back to your trusty Curl BFF – Curl Up! We’re constantly at it to provide you the best of products and information to keep you and your curls happy! Read on to discover how bonds make up your precious curls and about a one-stop solution for all your worries about hair damage. Yes, we’re talking about a Bond Repairing Hair Mask, considered a miracle product by hair and curl enthusiasts all over. It has gained more recognition and repute over the years, especially post-pandemic, due to its ease of access and usage. There are plenty of options available in the market that are safe, CG-friendly and can be used to revive and rejuvenate your tired tresses. Who would say no to reviving dry and damaged hair in the comfort of your home? We sure wouldn’t! 

Busting some Bonds: 

Wondering why we keep saying ‘Bond’ on a hair care page, when it just reminds you of a suave Martini-drinking Hollywood Hero? Well, your hair has heroes of its own and they’re called bonds. You might know that your hair is mainly made up of a protein known as keratin but did you know that this substance is held together by Hydrogen and Disulphide bonds for elasticity and shape respectively? These bonds are responsible for how your hair looks on both the outside and even on a molecular level. Think of hair bonds as thin ropes holding your keratin together, and when exposed to extreme heat, chemicals, colouring, pollution and repeated heat styling, they can snap, which damages them and leads to damaged hair that can be visibly dull, frizzy and lifeless. 

While prevention is the best cure through good curl care, the right products and avoiding exposure to heat and heating tools, there is still a way and a pretty easy one at that to undo the damage. Say hello to a Bond Repairing Hair Mask! 

What makes a Bond Repair Mask better than the rest?

Well, as the name goes, a bond mask does exactly that – it repairs broken hair bonds! While there are other hair masks and deep conditioning masks out there, a bond mask is the only one that can penetrate the hair shaft and repair it along with enthusing hair with moisture. While different brands and products use different formulations, these products work by strengthening the hair shaft with protein similar to the hair’s natural chemistry, that work deep and fix the root of the problem, which is in our case, hair damage

Bond-repair products are meant to help fix them and improve hair health by using similar chemistry. This basically means that they work similarly to keratin and other protein treatments — by strengthening hair with ingredients that naturally occur in hair strands — just on a much deeper level.

Bond repair masks help reinforce the hair shaft’s structural integrity, especially in curly hair types by rebuilding old bonds, repairing damage and revealing hair that is internally and visibly stronger and healthier.  Another great feature of these masks is the ability to show an immediate difference. You will notice softer, less-frizzy and shinier hair after the first use. When combined with a regular curl care routine, bond repair masks can transform your hair journey and keep your curls nourished and healthy all the time. 

How to use a Bond Repairing Hair Mask:

  • Start by shampooing the scalp and hair so we can start with a clean base for best results. If you feel like your scalp has buildup from precious product usage, you can start with a clarifying shampoo for even better results.
  • On freshly cleansed wet or damp hair, apply a generous amount of the product across hair sections. You can use a detangler for even application or use your fingers to work in the product for better penetration.
  • Let the mask stay on for a minimum for 10 mins and up to 30 minutes before rinsing. Catch up on some tunes or your favourite book or show and let the magic mask do its job.
  • Rinse well and style as usual. 
  • Use the mask based on your hair needs once a week or bi-monthly for revived curls.

Voilà, healthy, happy curls inside and out! 

A few more pointers when it comes to Bond Repairing Hair Masks:

  • Apply your mask in the shower or soon after as the cuticles will be open from the steam as this allows better penetration of the product.
  • If your curls are severely damaged with visible split ends, you will need a trim first. A repair mask can only repair bonds, not fix split ends.
  • You could wrap your hair in a warm towel after application for a relaxing and more efficient experience. 
  • If your mask is more protein based,go for moisture treatments regularly in order to avoid protein build up overtime which might cause your curls to look dull and lifeless.  
  • If you have colour or chemical treated curls, a repair mask will ensure that your curls stay healthy and keep post-treatment dryness at bay.

We hope you’ve bonded well with the above information. Curl Up has an all-new Intense Bond Repair Hair Mask formulated with the patented technology of fiberhanceTM, a sustainable natural ingredient, that helps create multiple hair bonds and penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen, review and restore dry and damaged curls, coming up soon, so keep an eye out! 

Come bond with us at, +91 9945373597 or @letscurlupdotcom on Instagram to answer your questions or even just be a part of our #letscurlup community!

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