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Breakage Prevention Secrets for Long, Thick, Curly Hair

by Siva Raj |

Ah, the joys and woes of having curly hair! Each day on the journey comes its share of joys, wins and a few challenges, but hey, from one Curlie to another – it’s always worth it. Curls need love, care, pampering, trust and even a good ounce of luck to stay fly all the time and even if the CG journey and the curl care regimen comes with its share of worries, there’s nothing that can’t be tackled. Along with pesky frizz that always tags along with curly hair, breakage can be a concern that Curlies face. But you don’t have to break the bank or your head over this slight inconvenience. Read on to discover our tried and tested secrets to prevent breakage and reveal long, thick and luscious curly hair.

What’s the deal with breakage?

The best part about curls is that you just can’t miss them. Be it on another Curlie or yourself, curls are definitely an eye-turner. Curls are lovely but really delicate on the inside and need some extra TLC while compared to other hair types. The more you stress curls out, the more they are prone to breakage. This stress can be in the form of heat, damage, chemical treatments and even mishandling. Each curl strand is covered by a protective shaft called the cuticle. Hydrated hair has the cuticles lying flat but when they get dry, the overlapping cuticles open up causing frizz, losing structural integrity and ultimately cause breakage. Curls with breakage are more frizzy, have split ends and also appear dull and brittle. Too many nasties, we say!

Here are a few more tell-tale signs of hair breakage in curls:

If your curls are showing any of these below symptoms, breakage is most probably one of the major culprits.
  • Constant frizz and flyaway hair.
  • Curls that don’t seem to grow past a certain length.
  • Shorter curls and unruly hair along your hairline that you can’t scoop up with the rest into a bun or updo.
  • Uneven hairline and patchy hair growth.
We’re not forgetting about letting you in on our secrets, don’t worry. The thing about breakage is that prevention is better than cure and goes a long way. Before breakage sets in, nip it in the bud with these tried and trusted prevention secrets:

Trim them tresses

This may seem contradictory as we’re talking about ways to achieve long curly hair, but trims are the way to go! Frequent trims get rid of split ends and prevent breakage even before it happens. Visit your trusted salon at least once every 3 months to keep your curls bouncy, in shape and free of breakage.
Ditch the heat: A top tip of the CG method that applies to breakage too. Stay clear of extreme heat and heating tools such as hair straighteners and harsh blow dryers. Heat is a no-no for curls and can damage your precious curls. Opt to air-dry or diffuse after styling instead and if you simply must use heat, ensure you apply a heat protectant product or spray first.

Clarify Away

The CG journey comes with its techniques, Dos, Don’ts and array of products! Clarify regularly to provide an even, clean base and keep breakage away.

Fabric Matters

Be it the pillow case you’re sleeping on or the towel you use to dry your hair, fabric matters! Ditch the terry and rough fabrics for soft microfiber towels and silk or satin pillowcases and bonnets to prevent friction and keep your curls cocooned and protected from breakage and frizz.

Call for Co-wash

A co-wash is a great way to enthuse your curls with moisture while maintaining your natural balance of oils. For humid Indian weather and sweaty scalp, a co-wash works well between wash days. This ensures optimum moisture from the first step of cleaning and also prevents breakage in the long run. The delicate balance on your scalp is also maintained, promoting hair growth and revealing naturally long and luscious curls.

Filter your shower

Yes, even the water you use to wash your hair makes a difference! Tap water contains minerals and heavy metals that can cause build-up and cuticle damage that leads to breakage. A simple shower filter will keep the unnecessary stuff out and ensure that you get only the goodness of water and not added damage.

Gentle Styling

Styling can be the most fun part of your routine and can make or break how your curls look. Curls prefer free reign and grow better when let loose or in a loose bun or updo rather than tight hairdos that can stretch the delicate curl pattern and also cause damage and breakage. Use satin crunchies and bonnets rather than regular cloth or rubber ones to keep breakage away.

Healthy inside and out

This is old news, but your hair and skin can be a direct reflection of your internal health. A balanced and healthy lifestyle can reflect on both the length and health of your curls. Collagen and multivitamin supplements that promote natural hair growth can add health and shine and keep your head of curls healthy, inside and out.

That’s all you need to break up with breakage, Curlies! Let us know if you have a few tips of your own to share and be a part of our amazing Curl and Wave Community at, +91 9945373597 or @letscurlupdotcom on Instagram!

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