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For my wife and me growing up, curly hair and us weren’t exactly best of friends thanks to the lack of knowledge about its maintenance. Frustrated with dry and frizzy hair we spent our childhood not loving our natural hair. Following the norm, we ended up using sulfate shampoos that were extremely harmful to our natural curly hair and only made its condition worse.

life changing journey

Our life changing journey

While we were in the US, my wife and I faced our own problems, she with damaged hair due to excessive straightening, and me always sporting a buzz cut because that was the easy way out. At this time, we stumbled upon the curly hair movement which encouraged us to try out various hair products curated specifically for curly hair. We were amazed by the results we saw by using the right hair products and techniques .

new beginning

A New beginning

Armed with all this information and experience, we knew we had to spread this movement in India! Our goal was to provide premium quality, natural hair products that would meet international standards and be perfect for our Indian market. After two years of thorough research, we finally packed our bags, came back to India and dedicated ourselves to formulating the products that we have been searching our whole lives. During this process, the Indian Curly Hair blogger community acted as a tremendous pillar of support. Kudos to them for helping us from the start by giving us the requirements for the product, trying out our test samples and giving feedback about the same during the formulation phase without whom our product wouldn’t have been what it is today.

And thus, Curl Up was born!