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Travelling with Curly Hair? 5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Curls Protected

by Siva Raj |

Whether you’re a Curlie who gets bitten by the travel bug often and is always on the road to adventure or someone who quenches their wanderlust with detailed and planned vacations from time to time, curl care is an important part of your travel plans. Especially if you’re as into the CG method and its benefits for natural and gorgeous curly hair as much as we are! With all the products, methods, techniques and tricks in the world of CG, travel definitely restricts the opportunity to patiently try and test these out when you're not in the comfort of your home. But hey, as we’ve said time and again, we’ve got your back, Curlies! Whether you’re backpacking across the country or down for a weekend at a luxurious destination, your curls can travel and enjoy themselves too with these tried and tested tips and tricks. Plus, you’d want your curls to look and feel their best in all those #VacayPics, right? Let’s travel down this blog, right away!

  • Make your Products Travel Friendly:
    While you’re making grand plans for your trip and choosing the best places to stay in and the best locations to explore, don’t forget about the best way to carry your precious curl care products too! Imagine carrying a suitcase-full of your entire curl arsenal – shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, mousse, gel and more. Yikes, a little too heavy on both your luggage and mind. To ease this, simply depot your essential curl care products into smaller travel-friendly containers that are now very easily available on both online and offline marketplaces. Ensure that you label them so you don’t end up applying gel instead of shampoo or any other such disaster. Portion out the quantity needed for the duration of your trip and ensure you pack them in leak-proof containers or bottles. By doing this, you can still keep up your regular curl care routine while on the move, without compromising on your curls and ending up using harsh hotel toiletries and such. A pro Curl-up tip would be to pack products that are multi-purpose, for eg. Our curl defining leave-in cream which contains flaxseed extracts and acts both as a cream and gel.

  • Curl Protection On-the-go:
    An absolutely indispensable item in our packing list would be a trusted satin or silk pillowcase. You can’t predict the fabric of the bed linen at your travel destination(s) so a safe bet would be to carry your own pillowcase. This will ensure that your curls stay in place and maintain definition rather than end up as a tangled, knotted and frizzy mess from sleeping on cotton sheets. You could also carry a bonnet instead, to simply cushion and hold your curls in place during a restful sleep. A good option would be to keep your curls away from your face and the back of your seat by scooping it up in a high pineapple. This works well on long drives and flights too. Just before you reach your destination, undo the pineapple gently, give your curls a shake and Voilà, ready to seize the day!

  • Refresh It Up:
    Travel brings its share of unpredicted factors. You can’t exactly control the weather, humidity or heat where you’re headed. But if your curls feel weighed down, your scalp sweaty and you’re simply down with a case of pesky frizz, look no further than refreshing. Instead of a full-fledged wash routine, simply refresh with a spray of leave-in cream mixed with water. Spray a generous amount, detangle, and scrunch or style again for a new lease of life on tired, travelling curls. A pro-tip is to have a full-on or detailed wash day before you travel. You can do this at home just before you leave to ensure that curl definition lasts longer until your next refresh.

  • Travel Attachments to the rescue:
    We understand the dilemma of wanting to pack your lovely yet bulky dryer and diffuser attachment on your travels. It takes up precious luggage space, weight and is an additional effort too. Simply look up travel-friendly, collapsible diffuser attachments and pack it the next time the travel bug bites. Most hotels and accommodations have basic hair dryers with heat settings that can be adjusted. So pop on your collapsible diffuser attachment, set the heat on low or cool and diffuse away. The same or similar results, sans the fuss!

  • Try on some new looks:
    While you’re flaunting your best styles at your holiday destination, why not give your curls a go too? Try out French twists, braids and other curl-friendly hairdos to amp up your holiday style and keep your curls protected and feeling their best. Having a case of the frizzies? Simply cover up with a satin scarf for added oomph and a good frizz camouflage too!

    Remember to enjoy your travels and not let the stress of curl maintenance bring you down, Curlies! Share with us, your favourite Curl Travel Memory and be a part of our amazing Curl and Wave Community at, +91 9945373597 or @letscurlupdotcom on Instagram!

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