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Say Goodbye to Frizz: How to make the most of Curly Hair Gel

by Curl Up Team |

The CG world can be a magical place. Full of bouncy curls, shiny locks and lovely ringlets. But there’s one pesky element that’s constant over the spectrum of curls and that’s the dreaded ‘F’ word. Yes, we’re talking about FRIZZ. Frizz can be a bit like the weather, something you can’t entirely avoid, but there are certainly ways to tackle and minimize it, allowing your curls to reign free and stay shiny and bouncy. With the help of our trusted friend – Hair Gel, you can tame frizz and keep it at bay too. Read on to discover how. 

Facts about Frizz: 

Frizz is basically a reaction to the lack of moisture in your hair. When dry hair tries to quench itself with moisture from the air, the cuticles swell up as well. Since the cuticle can have overlapping layers, these protrude out and appear as visible frizz. It all comes down to how moisturized your hair is. The drier the hair, the worse the frizz. Harsh shampoos, heated stylers and even humidity affects frizz. In humid weather conditions, the hair shaft swells up and frizz looks more pronounced, and while this can translate to more volume, it needs to be minimised in order to appear voluminous and not as a big tangled mess. 

Gel to the rescue:

A hair gel is essentially a water based blend of holding agents, moisturizers, humectants and a sealant that infuses the hair shaft with moisture and then forms a protective cast over it. Gel is an important product when it comes to styling, especially with curly and wavy hair as it helps reinforce curl pattern and adds definition that lasts long without weighing them down. Here are a few more benefits of gel for curly hair:

  • Once you’ve pampered your curls with moisture-rich products like curl cream, a gel ensures that all that goodness is trapped inside. 
  • Gel provides definition and brings out the curl pattern better.
  • It helps form thicker clumps that offer more structural stability to curls. 
  • Curly hair gel helps add much needed shine and gloss to your curls, especially when packed with ingredients such as Flax seed extract and shea butter. 
  • A gel cast provides better protection against humidity, dust and pollution. 

How do you apply gel to Curly Hair?

  • After your regular routine of cleansing, conditioning and applying a leave-in, follow it up with a hair gel that is CG friendly. Gel is generally water based and should be applied on soaking wet hair to ensure even distribution and lock in maximum moisture. 
  • Apply a dollop of gel between your palms, rub well to emulsify and then spread over your hair sections using the praying hand method. Ensure that you apply only in one direction – downwards, from the root to the tips.
  • Scrunch or finger coil your hair, as preferred, while the gel is still wet.
  • Let your hair air-dry or diffuse gently for more definition. Avoid touching your curls until completely dry.
  • Be patient and let the gel do its job, you will see a definite cast on your ringlets once completely dry and it may feel a little hard or stiff to the touch.
  • You can now SOTC or Scrunch Out the Curls using your hands or with a lightweight oil such as Argan or Jojoba, or a lightweight medley of curl-loving oils such as the Curl Up Nourishing Hair Oil, to loosen the cast and reveal soft, moisturized curls. Ensure that your hands are clean and dry during this step.
  • Plop your head forward and give it a good shake to add volume and bounce to your curls. 

If you’re new to gel usage and still struggling to achieve that coveted cast, these may be a few reasons why:

  • Your hair has too much build-up or oil from previous product usage.
  • You couldn’t resist touching your curls to see if they are dry, touching creates more frizz and breaks down definition. 
  • You’ve used too little gel and not applied the product evenly.
  • Your hair was not wet enough during application, remember that gel needs to be applied on soaking wet or damp curly hair for best results. 

Keep experimenting with different quantities of gel and you’re sure to ace it soon!

Now that you know what a gel is, how it works and how best to apply it to keep frizz away, let’s explore a few different kinds of curly hair gels:

A good curly hair gel should contain both moisturizers and a sealant to provide optimum hydration and hold and banish frizz. 

Hair gels usually come in three types: Hard Hold Gel Medium Hold Gel and Low Hold Gel. Do ensure that the gel you choose is CG-friendly and curl safe; and not packed with silicones and other harmful ingredients. You may have to experiment and see what works best for your unique curl type, but here are a few pointers to ease the journey for you. 

  • Hard Hold Gels: As the name suggests, hard hold gels form a hard cast around hair and offer longer hold. Hard hold gels work well with coarser curl types and those with higher porosity. If you live in an environment with humid weather conditions, hard hold gels also double up as a protectant against humidity disrupting the curl pattern.
  • Medium Hold Gels: A great option for pretty much all curl types, medium hold gels work well with fine hair too. Medium gels can strengthen curls and add shine while offering an optimum balance of moisture and hold. Medium hold gels can also be styled in versatile ways - during finger coiling, to slick down baby hair or add volume by scrunching out the cast.
  • Low Hold Gels: These work well for waves and loose curls with finer texture as they hug curls gently and form a gentle cast that brings out a natural soft bounce. They provide good definition and hold without being too heavy or making the hair look limp. 

In addition to the above, hair gels can be of the below kinds too:

  • Gel Custard is usually hair gel whipped with added moisturizers or cream to form a pudding-like consistency. These work well on kinky, tight curls in Type 4 curls, adding much needed moisture and a gentle cast to coily curls.
  • 3A to 3C curls benefit from hair gels with lightweight moisturizers such as flaxseed extract as they add gentle moisture and form a cast without weighing curls down. Gels that have too much ‘hardening agents’ can make your curls look too flaky and thin. 
  • Gel Souffle adds a light grip and also much needed shine and moisture to curls, since they are formulated with nourishing oils and emollients.
  • Look for gels with aloe vera as an ingredient as this can soothe the scalp, repair hair damage and offer protection against the sun and humidity too. 
  • Well, we hope the above information helps you find the ideal product to gel with and keep frizz away for good!  If you’re looking for a gel that offers definition, tames frizz and adds bounce to your curls, Curl Up’s Ultra Defining Gel has got your back and works well across the spectrum of curly and wavy hair. 

    Have a few gel tips of your own? Share them with us at, +91 9945373597 or @letscurlupdotcom on Instagram or even just be a part of our #letscurlup community!

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