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Mastering Curls: The Essential Do's and Dont's for Healthy Curly Hair

by Siva Raj |

Any Curlie knows how crucial styling is but sometimes that is also one of the trickiest steps when it comes to our CG routine. With a plethora of information and styling techniques being available online, even genuinely good and accurate advice for one type of hair could have negative and sometimes even disastrous results for another hair type. In this blog, we intend to tell you about the do’s and don’ts of styling your hair so read on in order to find out exactly how we are falling short in keeping our locks healthy, gorgeous and defined! Let’s start with the “Don’ts” first.

1. Don’t Comb the Hair

The beauty of curly hair lies in its curl definition and volume. When one dry combs it not only are you disrupting this curl pattern but you are also introducing frizz in the hair. Hence dry combing is a strict no-no. 

For detangling we recommend using a wide toothed comb or your fingers. One must detangle when the hair is soaking wet and has conditioner in it. This will facilitate the comb or fingers to glide through the hair easily without tugging it, thus avoiding breakage of the hair. Also one can dry comb with a  wide toothed comb during the pre-poo step but definitely not after the hair has been styled and dry.

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much

Another arch rival to those curls is washing them too often. As you know, curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair. The oil from your scalp takes longer to reach the tip of the strands due to the structure of the hair, and washing your hair every day or even every alternate day will leave your hair dry. We would recommend washing the hair with a shampoo, conditioner and stylers only once every 3-4 days and then refresh the hair as needed with just stylers. If you have a lifestyle that requires you to wash your hair often, then we would recommend considering using only a conditioner or using a co-wash. To know more about co-washing, do check out our blog on it.

3. Diffuse. Don’t Blow Dry

Never use a hairdryer on your hair directly without a diffuser. Directly blow drying with hot air will create frizz as well as loosen the curl definition resulting in almost straightened out, frizzy hair. Instead use a diffuser which will help distribute the air more evenly across the hair and try using it on a low-medium setting and on the lowest heat possible. This will ensure well defined curls with more volume. One can also use it in the cold setting.

4. Don’t Buy Hair Products Without Reading The Ingredients:

Not every product is automatically designed to work really well with your specific type of curls. So before you put that product inside your shopping basket, make sure you do an extensive reading of the ingredients. The last thing you want is for the silicones and harsh sulfates in the products. Read to find out how to recognize the right ingredients in a hair care product.

5. Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair:

Going to sleep with dry hair that is well-protected is one very important habit that you need to incorporate into your daily schedule. When you go to sleep with wet hair, the tossing and turning at night can cause the curl clumps to break and introduce frizz in the hair. Sleeping with wet hair can also introduce fungal infections in some cases. It is best to shower and dry your hair well before going to sleep to keep your definition intact. Avoid terry towels and use an old cotton t-Shirt or a Microfiber towel to plop your hair. One can air dry or diffuse the hair for a faster drying period.  

So what’s the way forward?

Now that we have identified what poses a threat to the definition of those curls, we can venture into the territory that focuses on action. Below we have enumerated an equal number of steps that you can take and techniques you can incorporate into your hair care routine, which will assist you in ensuring that you don’t lose the sheen on those bad days.  

1. Start Deep Conditioning:

A deep conditioner is something that has the ability to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and hydrate the strand from within. A regular conditioner on the other hand works on smoothening the cuticles on the surface of the hair. A deep conditioner is of a more intense formulation and is usually left for a longer duration of time for maximum impact. Adding a heat cap or a hot towel also enhances the penetration of the deep conditioner into the hair shaft. Another factor that plays an important role is how often one deep conditions.

Deep conditioning can be viewed as a restoration method if you have extremely dry and coarse hair in which case you will probably deep condition at a higher frequency. However, it is perfectly fine if you incorporate it in your hair care routine for that extra boost of hydration once in a while. When your hair is well-hydrated, it stays bouncy and alive. Here’s our blog article on Deep conditioning.

2. Employ the Plopping Method:

As mentioned earlier, sleeping with wet hair can have detrimental effects on your curls. One great technique to avoid this from happening is the Plopping method. If you are a shower enthusiast and love those evening showers or a shower before bed, then make sure to tie/plop your hair on top of your head using an old cotton T-Shirt or a Microfiber Towel. Using a microfiber towel allows for absorption of both excess water and products while cotton allows only for the absorption of excess water. Using a towel of correct material is crucial as a towel made of rough material (such as terry towels) will induce and accentuate frizz. This can be followed by air drying the hair or diffusing it. This drying technique will go a long way in ensuring healthy, bouncy hair when you wake up the next morning, giving you a great head-start for the day.

3. Use Satin and/or Silk:

Friction equals Frizz. This is the Mantra to keep in mind while choosing the pillowcase when you go shopping next. The more your hair interacts with harsh materials, the more it becomes prone to developing frizz. One of the tried and tested ways to avoid this unhealthy interaction of your curls with the polymers of your pillowcase is to use a material that is friendly and loving towards your ringlets. Buying and using a silk/satin pillowcase will help immensely in this regard. Less friction means that your hair enjoys a good night’s sleep and is ready to shine the very next morning after resting well.

4. Give your Hair Unconditional Love:

This is the most important ‘DO’ of all. All the efforts you make towards healthier hair, if they stem from love, will have a lasting impact on everything. So love your hair unconditionally, and it shall definitely love you back.

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