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Curly Hair Care for Kids - Simple Solutions for Busy Parents

by Siva Raj |

If you’re here reading this article, we’re guessing that you’re a Curlie parent who has passed on your lovely locks to their child or your child has been blessed with beautiful ringlets thanks to their ancestor’s genes! There is no denying that curls are even more adorable on little ones, framing their cherubic faces and smiles with a crown of soft, bouncy ringlets. But as most parents will agree, bath time can be a bit of a bother when your kids are restless and would rather spend their time doing something more fun. Plus, it can be a hassle to untangle knots on curly hair, especially after a day at the park or outdoors. But count your little one’s curls as a blessing and read on to discover ways you can keep them happy, shiny and bouncy, all day long.

CG Method for Tiny Tots

While you’re familiar with the CG Method and its plethora of products, techniques and tips for adults, curly hair care for kids requires a bit of tweaking to look and feel their best. The celebrated founder of the CGM, Lorraine Massey, has even dedicated a separate handbook on CGM for kids, proving that kids’ curls shouldn’t be left out on the care and love they need and deserve. You might be baffled at the thought of having to follow an entire new dedicated routine for your child, when your own curl care routine takes up enough of your time, effort and patience. And, being curly-haired parents ourselves, we completely understand your feelings. A parent can never have enough time, and you don’t need one (or more) extra steps while taking care of your children. But the comforting factor here is that curl care for kids doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve rounded up our best and most simple solutions, so that you as a busy parent can ace them and save some time too! Let’s go!

Simplify the Routine


Yes, curl care requires a routine. Beginning from cleansing and conditioning, all the way up to styling and drying. For kids, opt for gentle products that can be easily applied and washed off. You could use a co-wash in place of a shampoo, but remember that kids have no inhibitions in the outdoors, and end up with more dust and grime than adults. An ideal routine for kids would be:

  • Cleanse or Co-Wash, using a gentle sulphate-free cleanser and ensure that you work the product into the scalp using your fingers or a fun or quirky kid-friendly scalp brush.
  • Condition – Moisture is key, even for little curls. So condition well and allow it to stay on for a few minutes before washing off. The squish-to-condish is a great way to let that good moisture reach their curls effectively. 
  • Styling – Kids’ curls don’t need an array of products or techniques since they are blessed with delicate curls with a natural pattern, so stick to one product that will work well. This could be either a light leave-in or a mousse as a one-step way to add definition. Do this immediately after their shower so they don’t feel like you’re taking away too much time. 
  • Drying: While you can air dry your child’s curls air-dry, if you are worried about it causing a cold, you can use a diffuser on a low heat setting to speed up the drying process. Alternatively, one can plop the wet hair with a fun microfibre towel to speed up the process too. 

Make it Fun

What’s one way to convince your kids to do something? Make it fun, of course! Plan your child’s CG routine in a way that they enjoy it too. Remember, that kids absorb what they see, so if they watch you attend to their curls with care, they’re more likely to continue it as they get older. Have a sing-along session while the conditioner does its work, get some bubble-play in the tub or shower and add a bunch of fun bath toys to turn a boring routine into a fun memory for life. 

Style It Up

Your go-to hairdos as a Curlie adult might be limited, but it doesn’t have to be the same with your kids! Add to the cuteness with bows, bands, bandanas and other accessories and try out different hairdos for a fun way to bond. Plus, keeping their curls away from the face, especially during playtime is an added bonus. A simple half updo or delightful double braids can protect curls and keep them fuss free at school or play. 

Protect their Precious Curls

While you can’t expect kids to keep their hands and tangles away from their hair all the time, you can still add a few protection techniques to keep their washday results lasting longer. Use satin scrunchies and scarves and clips that don’t tug at their precious curls. Opt for stain or silk pillowcases in fun kid-friendly prints to keep curls tangle-free at night. If your little one is a shark in the pool, generously douse the length of their hair with a leave-in or light oil such as olive, almond or coconut for an added layer of protection under a swim cap. 

Focus on Parenting, Not Perfection

A good way to save time and not lose your mind is letting go of the pursuit of perfection when it comes to curl care for your kids. Remember that curl care can be a form of self-love that kids will emulate, so focus on bonding with your child and making the experience memorable, rather than being overly strict or regimental with their curl care routine which will serve to only stress you out! 

Walk the Talk with Curl Care

Last, but most certainly not the least, beginning your child’s curl care routine early will prepare and encourage them to adopt healthy curl care for life. You can educate your little ones on hair and curl diversity and instill a sense of confidence and love towards their unique curly hair. As societal expectations of straight hair are evolving, you can be part of the change by raising little Curlies who will be confident and proud of their hair texture and continue a healthy journey with their mind and body. 

There you go, Curlie Parents! We hope you enjoy this happy journey of nurturing your child’s natural curls and inspire them to do the same! We’d love to hear about more nifty solutions that you’ve picked up as a Curlie Parent, so let us know and be a part of our amazing Curl and Wave Community at, +91 9945373597 or @letscurlupdotcom on Instagram!

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