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A Twisting Path To Beautiful Curls

by Siva Raj |

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the world of curl care is about the journey, not the destination. Right from the start where you’re new and grasping the nuances of the CG journey to navigating across the plethora of techniques, products and routines, to when you’ve found your groove but still need tweaking, the journey is ever changing and evolving. Read on to discover why and how you can make the most of this challenging yet extremely fulfilling journey.

The rise and growth of the CG Journey:

Curly hair sure has come a long way. From being accepted only by certain communities in the world and completely shunned by others, including mainstream media, to now being recognised, accepted and flaunted across various nations, platforms and ethnicities, this gorgeous form of natural hair is finally getting its due. A significant part of this change is due to the introduction of ‘The Curly Girl Method’ which was conceptualised by Lorraine Massey in 2001. This set of Dos, Don’ts and How has turned into the official Curlie Bible and sparked a wave of interest and participation, across the globe. Twenty and some years later, it has brought about more products, techniques and more importantly patrons who have made curly hair their subject of interest and begun educating others on the same as well. Being a part of the curl community ourselves, we’re in a happy place and look forward to even more positive change and growth in the field.

From Denial to Acceptance:

It’s rare to find a Curlie who has been in tune with their curly hair from the start. We are all guilty of resorting to heat and harsh straightening treatments, trying to brush out our natural curl pattern and being a little ashamed of the frizz and volume that come with natural curly hair. The main culprit for this has been mainstream media and even peer pressure and conformity as straight, sleek hair was considered solely attractive and worthy of the spotlight. Old time Curlies might have some not so fond memories of being bullied in school or having their hair being referred to with some unpleasant nicknames. But, we’ve come far, Curlies! With the current wave of curl care and acceptance, the tables have turned with more people wishing they had curls and waves to flaunt without having to seek heat. Curly hair is now more openly flaunted, loved, admired and most importantly accepted for its unique self.

Twists and Turns:

No two heads of curly hair are alike, even if they look deceivingly similar, and what works for one may not work for another. Even with just your own, you can track how your curly hair has transformed from the beginning of your journey. Hair changes include changes in porosity, volume, protein-moisture balance and even definition. Curl care requires experimentation and patience to truly understand your unique hair type and bring out its best. The journey comes with twists and turns and requires tweaks from time to time to keep curls bouncy and bright. Conditions such as geographical changes, weather, humidity and more also affect how your curly hair responds. But worry not, there are products and techniques made for specific weather conditions and even harsh humidity and such can be tackled to keep your curls vivacious and thriving.

The Pursuit of Patience:

We see it, we like it and we want it, IMMEDIATELY. That’s how most Curlies feel when they discover the CG journey and see images of gorgeous curls that have been tended to for years. But the secret to achieving the curls of your dreams has a little more to do than just the right products, it requires patience! Yes, curls can be brought to life but require tender loving care and a lot of time for the transformation to occur. Overnight curls aren’t a thing and you will have to team your curl care with a side of patience to bring out your curls’ natural best. Good things take time and your curls might need a few weeks or even a few months to adjust to a new routine, but we promise that it will be worth the wait! 

A Journey of Understanding:

One of the most important aspects of curl care is truly understanding your unique hair type. This includes technicalities such as hair porosity, density, scalp oiliness, texture and more, that might be hard to figure out at first but definitely worth looking into. The better you understand your curls, the better you can mould your hair care routine around it. Most curly products might say ‘for all curl types’ but you will find that if you have thicker curls, you will need more emollient rich moisturizing products and lighter curls and waves don’t need as much. Rather than blindly following the crowd, make the effort to assess your curls and experiment with what works best for you. 

Remember, Curlies, that we’re all in this together! Curl Up has been crafted bearing in mind the spectrum of natural curly and wavy hair and we’re all ears when it comes to your curl care concerns. DM us for a free consultation to assist you on this ever-evolving journey and be a part of our amazing Curl and Wave Community at, +91 9945373597 or @letscurlupdotcom on Instagram!

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